We started our shop slightly over 30 years ago, in one of the prettiest areas in Amsterdam, "De Jordaan". Our canal, the Egelantiersgracht, still contains water and, quite surprisingly one can find a parking place without too much difficulty. From the very beginning we were told that we were different from other antique shops. We concentrate on Dutch folk art, Dutch painted furniture, tools and old master drawings. A strange combination ? Maybe. But we like it. And if you come to have a look, you might also like it. We publish regularly in the "Collect", a popular glossy journal on art and antiques about one of our topics of interest. And once a year we organize an "Open House" during a weekend. If you want to be invited, or if you want more information, please click on  "CONTACT" and fill out the accompanying form. We are looking forward to seeing you. 

Lieselot and Anton Vos.

Our opening hours are: Thu-,Fri- and Saturday from 12.00-18.00

Our telephone is: 0031(0)622902519


Art and Folk-Art

Antiek d' Eglantier in Amsterdam carries a select stock of 17th and 18th C. Dutch old master drawings, watercolours and gouaches, varying from topography to detailed studies of birds. Famous names such as  Neijts, Holstein, Calraet, Rademaker, Santvoort, Pronk, Tavenier and Langendijk are represented.
We specialize in Folk-Art of the Low Countries. Here you can find examples of the craftsmanship of “ordinary people”. Like on the painted furniture from Friesland, especially Hindelopen, but also from Ameland, and Zaandam. Often with biblical and mythological themes. Also smaller objects such as bedstools, corner cabinets, childrens school boxes, footstoves, ironing boards, beautifully painted boxes and spice- and tobacco-barrels are on sale. But also “brocante” and “bric-a-brac” are there. Collectors can become excited when looking at “bavelaars”, “babbekistjes”, samplers and parts of the traditional dress in the Dutch provinces. Tiles dating back to the 16th, 17th and 18th C. in Delft blue, manganese or multicoloured please the eye, with pictures of animals, seacreatures and biblical scenes. But also a Frisian stoolclock and other Dutch clocks can be considered Folk-Art. A special corner is reserved for early Dutch brass tobacco-boxes with engraving of biblical, or nuptial scenes and of course the rather unsubtle texts to be found in abundance on the boxes of seafaring men. You can also find antique toys and games.
Another speciality forms our large collection of antique tools: dated and undated 18th C. Dutch planes, moulding planes, chisels, saws, and plumb-bobs. Squares, dividers, adzes, axes and nautical tools, they are all there. Even levels in all sorts. In short: level with us and pay a visit to our site!